NOW is a new programme of contemporary art exhibitions that will take place at Modern One over the coming three years. NOW will celebrate the diversity of contemporary artistic practice, and the unique role of artists in society, who, through their work, can offer alternative ways of seeing and understanding the world around us.

Focussing on her immediate surroundings, Tessa Lynch’s work explores the politics that shape and condition the architecture of our environments. Wave Machine takes its cue from two Skype conversations; one undertaken on a walk through Glasgow made regularly by Lynch and her young daughter, and another in the artist’s home at night as she completes various household and childcare tasks. The conversations were with curator and writer Jenny Richards, a regular collaborator of Lynch’s who edited the text into its current form. The content of the projected script ranges from the philosophical to the personal, and is peppered with references to artists and writers who have explored the idea of the ‘flâneuse’ – or woman traversing the city in observational mode – as well as referring to the household and administrative actions the two undertake as they speak.

Words – National Galleries Scotland