L-Shaped Room, Spike Island, Bristol July – September 2017

Lynch’s exhibition at Spike Island is punctuated by the fragmentary and incomplete nature of urban experience. Material and technique have guided the artist through a variety of sculptural processes recalling the found, the existing and the ubiquitous in a series of actions and interventions that aim to produce a particular effect in our experience of the urban realm. Talking about her work, Lynch has said that she is ‘fascinated by the emotional impact of the environment – especially the built environment, urban settings, how they’re shaped and controlled and, in turn, how they shape us’. In particular, Lynch is interested in the agency women have in the public realm, contesting the modern male figures of the dandy, the stranger or the flâneur, who have traditionally dominated the understanding of contemporary city life.
Words – Spike Island.

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Four texts were commissioned to accompany the exhibition by Lucy Biddle, Louise Briggs, Jenny Richards and Rhona Warwick Paterson.

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Exhibition supported by Creative Scotland and The Elephant Trust