Café Concrete is a portrait of a “city living” artist, in which Lynch critiques her own ideal image of an artist “living as flaneur” by recognising the near impossibility of the task. Here Lynch focuses on the long debated existence of the “flaneuse”, the female version of the saunterer, questioning how do women experience and occupy public space?

For the exhibition Lynch has created a new series of sculptures, executed in ubiquitous urban materials such as aluminium, plaster, paper mulch, rain water and plastic sheeting. Reworked through a series of techniques linked to industrial construction these objects formally echo Lynch’s everyday city scenarios and observed ‘flâneurial exploits’. For Lynch, an artist whose work often revolves around performative and collaborative situations, Café Concrete focuses in on the artist’s personal and performative negotiations with the fabric of the city itself. The majority of the works allude to the presence of a person(s) and or an action; the discarded tote bags their contents emptying out; the rain splattered cagoules weathered by the typically Glaswegian skies; a set of keys left on a shelf

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